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Saturday, July 25, 2015

First Post!

   My name is David Wu. I am a highschooler live in Canada, Ontario.  As an otaku from head to toe, I have a passion in anime and wish to take a part in the anime production.   When I am in the second semester of grade 11, I decide I wanted to study in Sheridan college's animation program (Bachler of Animation).  So I decide to make a blog that record my journey to became an animator. 
   Tell you a little more about my current plan.  First, it is obviously to get accepted into the animation program in Sheridan. A bachelor degree in animation will definitely help me to get in the anime industry since the animation program at Sheridan college world-renowned.  But it is also tough to get into the program since the requirement is pretty high. Usually about 2000 applied and 1500 submit their portfolios, and only 100 get in.  So I have spent most of my free time practice drawing and work on my portfolio, taking life drawing classes and so on.  In the following posts I will include some of my recent work, most in the form of journals. Feel free to follow me on DeviantArt and Pinterest. There is not much on my DeviantArt page right now, But I will add more of my work there later.  I have been collecting images such as references and tutorials related to animation.  I am thinking to open a youtube channel but I may not have time for it, so I am saving it for later. 

Here is couple of my recent work. 
Life Drawings: 

Story Board Ideas: 
Talking about storyboarding, I used last year's character for the sketch.  I just finished Madoka Magic anime when I did them, so there are always Kyubey involved .   


Also my first attempt to do my room drawing (Layout). 2 lazy to scan, so I just took a picture of it.  This still far from finish. 

The book I am currently reading is Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair. Very nice book. I love it even I don't like the art style. Strongly recommend.