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Sunday, September 20, 2015


Manga Studio 5 is Really Powerful! 

I was working on a room concept which may or may not become the foundation of my actually Portfolio peace.  Also sorry for the late update! The Math Class is kinda painful for me. draws it digitally is much faster. I always wanna to draw female cartoon characters, but they always ends up as MOE anime girls so I kinda give up on it. I am also planning to have at least one of my personal peace to be a digital painting done in PS, Sai or Manga Studio 5. 

Here is o my second attempt to create characters.  And here is a rough sketch.
I knew there is still some mistakes but it is still an idea. I will work on it in the future.

So C U next week!(Hopefully)
Above is my new desktop wallpaper. 

Monday, September 7, 2015


school is gonna start tomorrow! Sometimes I kind wanna to drop it (but first I have to lift it up)!                   -____-

The piece I have been working on for a couple of days.It had become bigger than I have originally planned.



Does it looks better?

 ̄□ ̄||o(╯□╰)o(⊙o⊙)T_T=_==_==_==_==_==_==_==_==_==_==_==_=  
  I wanna use consecration to my school!

Saturday, September 5, 2015


 Sorry for the late update! I was pretty busy in the past couple weeks. School is about to start! Which is not good! Now I have to split my time between school work and my portfolio/ practice. Not sure have I mentioned before in the earlier posts that I have only started to take animation seriously recently. Below is a pic about how much blue Prismacolor I have used until now.

I am currently working my Room drawing and one of my personal piece which I have mentioned in my last post.

Above is the first view of the Room Drawing.

2nd View  (what the character sees)

Going to make this one a bigger picture by adding the upper part of the house.